Constant Torque & Separation Springs

  • Mission Critical Components for the Phoenix Mars Lander

Quality complex parts and unmatched reliability are standard practice at Newcomb Spring, and we are proud to have manufactured many of the springs on the Phoenix Mars Lander.

State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and expert design assistance made Newcomb Spring the manufacturer of choice for parts that were critical to the operation and success of the Phoenix mission.

Just some examples include:

  • Constant torque springs located within the panel hinges - when triggered these springs opened the solar panels that provide power to the lander, and actually allow the craft to operate
  • Separation springs (basically a set of extremely closely toleranced compression springs) that supported the lander's heat shields
  • A variety of suspension torsion springs that operated in lander tools, shields and data collectors
  • Compression springs on the craft's legs that absorbed the impact of landing
The Phoenix Lander

Backed by expertise and precision, Newcomb is dedicated to producing the highest quality springs, wire forms and metal parts for virtually every application. An industry leader since the founding of our company, Newcomb Spring is proud to be Forming the Future.

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