Our Locations

Newcomb Spring offers a network of facilities that allow us to respond locally and act globally. As a leading spring company, we proudly manufacture quality parts at low prices for customers in North America, South America and around the world. Offering such a wide range of locations helps lower shipping costs and reduce turnaround time. Visit or contact the location closest to you for more information.

Every Newcomb Spring location prides itself on producing the highest quality parts at low prices, and we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our entire manufacturing network operates with real-time SPC computer software which allows us to produce parts quickly, efficiently and to strictly comply with customer's specifications. Throughout our facilities, an experienced staff offers extensive technical and production support, including design assistance, so we produce parts that meet your needs.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Systems

Newcomb Spring company locations operate with an array of quality certified systems, including ISO 9001, MIL, ITAR and more.