Newcomb Spring of Georgia

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Systems

Newcomb Spring of Georgia manufactures components for virtually every industry, serving customers throughout the southeastern region of the United States. We offer a special focus on customers in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana and Florida.

Newcomb Georgia maintains a consistent record of quickly delivering quality parts to customers, often within days of order placement. With modern equipment and a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, Newcomb Spring of Georgia manufactures orders ranging from small runs to very large volumes. We specialize in coil spring manufacturing, metal forming and metal stamping, and are ready to manufacture the quality parts you require.

With an efficient, modern manufacturing environment, Newcomb Spring of Georgia fulfills orders at competitive prices while maintaining strict compliance to specifications. Our dedicated staff works continuously to manufacture the highest quality products and strives to make the order process as easy as possible.


  • 5408 Panola Industrial Blvd
  • Stonecrest, GA 30035
  • (770) 981-1770
  • (770) 987-1703

The Newcomb Spring Network: Georgia & The Southeast

Newcomb Spring of Georgia operates with ISO 9001 quality-certified systems and utilizes real-time information sharing with our other locations. We also offer facilities in:

Visit Newcomb Spring Of Georgia

If you would like to visit our Stonecrest facility please contact Newcomb Georgia at the address and phone number below, or email us at One of our customer service representatives will gladly arrange a visit and can answer your questions.