Automotive Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

North America's Leading Supplier of Metal Components for Automotive Applications

Newcomb Spring has been one of the world’s leading automotive spring manufacturers, providing reliable and durable parts for long-life and dependability. These parts are used in a variety of mission critical applications, where performance, reliability and lifespan are essential. Our automotive springs, wire forms and stampings are formed using a variety of materials, often selected based on the application and environment. Many of our automotive components undergo secondary processes, such as shot-peening, heat treating and powder coating to maximize their capabilities and performance.

Newcomb parts are used by automobile manufacturers and after-market companies, and we supply large runs, short runs and prototypes of custom components. We often work with engineers, offering design assistance to help lower costs and providing suggestions so that our parts will perform as desired.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

All Newcomb Spring facilities are compliant to a variety of quality systems and certifications. Many of our automotive customers request specialty packaging services. We can ship automotive springs and metal forms using a variety of package options, with part identification labels and with customized part engraving so our parts are easy to track and to use in your products.

Rugged Dependable Performance

With a proven history of manufacturing experience, Newcomb Spring parts have proven reliable and dependable. From heavy-duty off-road trucks to luxury vehicles, Newcomb Spring parts fulfill a variety of needs and applications. As a custom automotive spring and metal form manufacturer, our parts are produced to meet specific client requirements. Some of our automotive components are utilized in:

  • air bag systems
  • brakes
  • carburetors
  • clutches
  • doors
  • electrical systems
  • engines
  • exhaust hangers
  • fuel systems
  • glove compartments
  • locks
  • plowing & towing applications
  • seat belts
  • steering mechanisms
  • seating
  • suspension (leaf springs & coils springs)
  • shocks
  • transmissions
  • windows
automotive spring applications
automotive spring applications
automotive spring applications
automotive spring applications