Telecom Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

Custom Components for Telecommunication Applications

With precision manufacturing and repeatable accuracy, telecommunications companies often look to Newcomb Spring to produce their custom springs, wire forms and stamped metal parts. Our network of locations offers the experience and capabilities that telecom components require, with fast turnarounds, design assistance and a variety of secondary and finishing processes.

Newcomb Spring telecommunication components are used in a variety of diverse applications - from satellites that orbit the earth to the signal antenna on your cell phone. We offer a wide range of materials size capabilities and our telecom spring parts are produced on automated, high-speed, highly-accurate forming equipment, designed to meet even the strictest order tolerance requirements.

Our network of locations can provide:

Materials for Telecommunication Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

As one of North America's leading telecom spring, wire form and stamping manufacturers, we can efficiently produce parts using virtually any material, including standard, semi-precious and precious metals. Our modern manufacturing equipment and advanced quality processes provide maximum compliance to specifications and minimal waste, so our customers receive the highest quality parts at low prices.

Telecommunication springs are often subject to unique stresses, including harsh and changing environments. Newcomb Spring offers design assistance to our customers, helping to confirm order specifications and to provide assistance in the selection of materials. We can review your order to determine the best manufacturing process that will help to lower costs and produce parts with long life-span and for optimal performance. We even offer our very own spring calculator, the Springulator®, to check telecommunication spring designs and stress limitations.

Proven Performance

With a proven history of manufacturing experience, Newcomb Spring parts have proven reliable and dependable. We maintain a number of quality certifications and can comply with many electrical requirements and standards that some telecommunication applications require. As a custom spring and metal form manufacturer, our parts are produced to meet specific customer requirements, so please contact us for more information. Some of our telecommunication components are utilized in:

  • aerospace communication devices
  • antennas
  • Battery Contacts
  • cabling component
  • cell phones
  • charging systems
  • computers
  • directional devices
  • hardware
  • intercom and building communications
  • server racking systems
  • satellites
  • phones
  • tools
  • tracking systems and components
  • wireless devices

telecom spring applications
telecom spring applications
telecom spring applications