Metal Stampings
& Flat Springs

  • Material .004 to .125 Inches Thick & Up To 5.0 Inches Wide
  • Often Fabricated In Conjunction With Other Parts & Assembled
Stamping and Flat Springs
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Metal Stampings & Flat Springs Manufacturing Specifications

While we have listed some of the most common sizes, materials and manufacturing specifications, Newcomb Spring provides completely customized production on all metal stampings and flat springs.

Material Shapes & Sizes

  • .004 Inches to .125 Inches Thick
  • Up to 5.0 Inches Wide
Flat  Spring Metal Stampings Materials

Common Metal Stampings & Flat Springs Materials

  • Spring Steel
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Alloys
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Elgiloy®
  • Hastelloy®
  • Monel®
  • Inconel®
  • Titanium
  • and More
Flat Spring Metal Stamping Shapes and Sizes

Metal Stampings & Flat Springs Production

Newcomb Spring is equipped to produce precision metal stampings and flat springs in small quantities from sheet material or etched blanks. For large, high-volume manufacturing runs, we typically utilize hard tooling. Newcomb often recommends that customers order a short run of stamping and flat spring parts to verify a component's functionality, thereby avoiding costly design errors.

The extensive variety of equipment we utilize to produce stampings, strip forms and flat springs, combined with our use of form tools, allows Newcomb Spring to create complex shapes as well as produce die sets that can be used for cutting, etching, extruding, notching, swedging, stamping and more. Our facilities also offer primary and secondary operation departments, which work to produce short-order flat form components of short-order flat forms.

Whenever possible, metal stampings and flat springs should be designed to bend against the grain of material (i.e. perpendicular to the grain) to improve life expectancy and reduce the risk of fracturing.


Material Considerations for Metal Stampings & Flat Springs

Newcomb Spring is capable of manufacturing parts using virtually any material, although we typically produce flat springs and metal stampings from continuous coil material. The most frequently chosen coil materials are #3 slit edge, #5 deburred edge and #1 round edge. The main differences among these options are:

  • #3 slit edge often is used when a die cut eliminates the edge of the material; when edge condition is not critical to a part's fit, form or function; or when costs prohibit other edge options.
  • #5 deburred edge often is used when the edge condition is critical to a part's fit, form or function. This edging option offers improved safety in part- and stock-handling, as the edging process produces broken corners instead of square corners.
  • #1 round edge is one of the safest material options in terms of handling parts and stock. This edging also increases the cycle life of torsion springs and leaf springs.

Metal Stamping & Flat Spring Manufacturing Videos


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