Printer and Computer Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

A Precision Custom Spring and Metal Form Supplier

Newcomb Spring offers precision manufacturing of springs, wire forms and metal stampings for a variety of computer, printer and mobile device applications. From the compression spring in your laptop CD drive to the torsion spring in your printer ink cartridge assembly, Newcomb Spring components are utilized in a variety of computer applications. All Newcomb parts are custom manufactured to meet your specific needs and application, and we can produce prototypes, short runs and large orders of springs, wire forms and metal stamped parts.

Our facilities utilize the latest equipment and a variety of secondary operations to produce parts that will provide conductivity, connection and function in even the most precise applications. As with all products related to electrical appliances, we understand the critical performance of every Newcomb Spring part, and our components have proven reliable and dependable in even the most unique computer, printer and mobile device applications.

Materials for Printer Computer Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

As one of North America's leading spring and metal form manufacturers, we can efficiently produce parts using virtually any material, including standard, semi-precious and precious metals. Our modern manufacturing equipment and advanced quality processes provide maximum compliance to specifications and minimal waste, so Newcomb customers receive the highest quality parts at the best prices possible.

Many printer and computer springs, wire forms and stampings operate in high temperatures, and receive repetitive daily use without regular maintenance. Newcomb's expert team of spring engineers can provide design assistance and material suggestions. Millions of Newcomb Spring parts are used everyday worldwide, and we supply some of the world's largest computer device manufacturers with springs, wire forms and stamped metal parts.

A Proven Printer & Computer Component Supplier

With our extensive history of manufacturing experience, Newcomb Spring parts have proven reliable and dependable. We maintain a number of quality certifications and can comply with many electrical requirements and standards. As a custom manufacturer of computer and printer springs and forms, our parts are produced to meet specific client requirements. Please contact us with more information about your order and to request design assistance. Some of our computer components are utilized in:

  • battery connections
  • cable ports and connection devices
  • computer mouse devices
  • disc drives
  • drives
  • feed rollers
  • fusing assemblies
  • ink toner holding systems
  • keyboards
  • laptop hinges
  • paper feeders & trays
  • paper pickup assemblies
  • printer doors
  • stapling and bindery systems

computer spring applications
computer spring applications
computer spring applications