Agricultural Equipment Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

Custom Spring & Metal Form Supplier for Strong Agricultural Applications

Since its founding, Newcomb Spring has been an agricultural equipment spring manufacturer and supplier offering large runs, short runs and prototypes with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Newcomb Spring components are custom manufactured to meet each customer's specific requirements. With some of the most efficient and accurate production processes in the industry, our parts are relied on for reliable and durable performance in the harsh environments found in many agriculture and farm equipment applications.

We produce parts for agricultural applications using a wide range of materials sizes, manufacturing small stampings for an irrigation timer to a large shock-absorbing compression springs on a 550 hp tractor. All Newcomb Spring components are custom manufactured to meet exact order specifications, and we are ready to produce the precision springs, wire forms and stamped metal parts your application requires.

Materials Selected for Agriculture

Customers in the agriculture industry often require unique materials to allow for part performance in difficult and changing operating environments. Newcomb Spring's diverse manufacturing processes can produce parts using a virtually unlimited variety of materials, including precious, semi-precious and standard metals, and our design engineers can work with you to determine the best material options for your application. With our legacy of extensive experience manufacturing parts for agricultural applications, so no matter how extreme the temperatures, how dirty the operation and how extreme the pressure loads, Newcomb Spring parts are proven reliable.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and quality processes provide maximum compliance and minimal waste, allowing us to produce the highest quality parts for agricultural applications at the best prices possible.

Newcomb Spring also offers a variety of secondary operations that can affect part performance and improve lifespan. We can heat-treat, shot-peen and stress relieve our parts to improve reliable operation, in addition to a variety of other secondary and finishing operations. Many customers also request the assembly of multiple Newcomb Spring parts for easier use in their agricultural application.

Proven Performance

Newcomb Spring is dedicated to delivering the highest quality parts and we work to be sure our components fulfill your needs and application. Our facilities maintain a number of quality certifications and can comply with many agricultural equipment spring manufacturing requirements. As a custom agriculture spring and metal form manufacturer, our springs, wire forms and stampings are produced to meet specific client requirements, so please contact us for more information on your order. Some of our agriculture components are utilized in:

  • applicators
  • augers
  • baling equipment
  • conveyors
  • harvesters
  • hitch systems
  • hydraulic systems
  • scrapers
  • irrigation systems
  • mowing equipment
  • picking systems
  • planters
  • rotary tillers
  • shock absorption/vehicle suspension
  • sprayers
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • wheel rakes
  • wind-power turbines
agriculture spring applications
agriculture spring applications
agriculture spring applications