Medical Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

Custom Medical Springs Wire Forms & Stampings Applications

Newcomb Spring has a long-standing history manufacturing springs, wire forms and metal stampings for medical applications including OEM components, micro springs, rings, hooks, and assemblies requiring the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Newcomb parts meet the strictest order tolerances, with highly-repeatable manufacturing processes that produce quality, precision components demanded by the medical industry.

Our state-of-the-art production processes allow us to utilize virtually any material – including standard, semi-precious and precious metals. With modern machinery, advanced quality controls and an experienced staff, we are able to efficiently manufacture highly-compliant parts for medical applications at low prices.

Many of our medical spring and metal form parts fall within "micro" size category, with hook, wire form and micro spring wire diameters as small as .002-inches.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Newcomb Spring facilities utilize the latest equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in the production of medical springs and parts. We employ a variety of advanced quality control technologies, including laser measurement equipment, camera gauges and Keyence Imaging Systems, which allows us to provide extremely accurate and consistent part measurement as well as detailed reporting. Our operations meet a variety of quality certification standards, and we also offer a full range of secondary and finishing capabilities.

Many medical customers request specialty packaging services. Not only can we ship parts in a variety of packing methods – including in bags, on plastic trays or on tacky board – but we can also work to ensure our parts are easily identifiable and trackable. From engraving right onto the surface of your part to labeling each package with identifiable information, Newcomb will work to make our parts easy to use in your products.

Critical Medical Applications

Our manufacturing processes are recognized as some of the industry's most advanced, and customers often turn to Newcomb Spring to fulfill orders our competitors cannot. With highly-repeatable processes, rapid response and competitive prices, our medical springs and forms comply with the strictest order specifications for large runs, short runs and prototypes.

With more than a century of manufacturing experience, Newcomb Spring parts have proven reliable and dependable in even the most critical applications. We have produced parts for a variety of medical uses, including:

  • access systems
  • catheters
  • CPR & resuscitation equipment
  • cardiac applications
  • dental
  • home health care & rehab
  • hospitals
  • laparoscopy
  • medical immobilization devices
  • plastic medical assemblies
  • prosthetics & orthotics
  • robotics
  • surgical
  • wheelchairs
  • wound protection
  • and more…
medical spring applications
medical spring applications
medical spring applications