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One of North America's leading custom metal form and spring manufacturing companies, Newcomb Spring is dedicated to continual advancement. With an in-house Innovation Department that develops state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, to an extensive and on-going investment in modern equipment, Newcomb is unmatched in our metal form and spring manufacturing capabilities. Review our archive of stories and information covering Newcomb Spring news and announcements.

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Elevate Your Business: Newcomb Spring Design Assistance

Learn how our collaborative approach benefited Muddy Bottom Mini Trucks to achieve an unparalleled spring design.... read full article

Cutting-Edge Precision: Waterjet Machines and Aluminum Plates

Newcomb Spring of Connecticut manufactures aluminum spring end grinding plates for the corporation using an OMAX waterjet machine... read full article

A Legacy in Presidency

Newcomb Spring’s Vice President of Business Development, Don Jacobson III, will be inducted as SMI’s president at the 2024 SMI Annual Meeting... read full article

Forming Tomorrow's Workforce

Newcomb Spring Corp has been recognized for its commitment to training the next generation through the CCAT apprenticeship grant. Learn about our dedication to workforce development and our mission to be first in forming the upcoming leaders of the spring industry... read full article

Precision Engineering: Autoinjector Springs

Newcomb Spring's expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality, custom autoinjector springs produces precise components for safe medication delivery devices... read full article

Considering Titanium Alloy Springs for Lightweighting Applications

Across a wide range of markets and products, today's design engineers face the same instructions: "Make it lighter, smaller, and more efficient." ... read full article

Newcomb Spring Implements Robotic Automation, Improving Efficiency and Precision

The International Federation of Robotics forecasts that by 2019 1.4 million industrial robots will be installed in factories around the world... read full article

Self-Feeding, Self-Adjusting Grinding System Increases Precision and Speed of Large Run Orders

Our new, state-of-the-art, computer-controlled grinding system efficiently grinds large runs of compression springs with precise accuracy, reducing operator involvement while improving speed and part compliance... read about our new spring grinder

Custom Spring Manufacturing with Design and Reverse Engineering Support

To produce custom spring augur components, Newcomb Spring analyzed and reverse engineering failing components, producing new spring augurs that improved on the design... read more on the project

Newcomb Spring's Precision Springs Provide Critical Functions on NASA's "JUNO" Mission to Jupiter

Newcomb Spring has supplied springs to the Juno mission that perform a number of critical functions, including opening the solar panel doors that provide power to the craft, once it is deployed... read NASA Juno Mission article

Newcomb Spring Announces Purchase of WAFIOS FMU 6.7 - Adds Large Material Capabilities with Rapid Turnaround Capacity

Newcomb Spring Corp announced the Company has purchased a WAFIOS FMU 6.7 high-performance multi-axis spring and wire forming machine... read about our large wire diameter spring manufacturing equipment

Newcomb Spring Corp. Announces 25 Billion Parts Manufactured

Newcomb Spring announces that the company recently reached a milestone of producing 25 billion parts. Put end to end, these parts would reach from the earth to the moon and back, with length to spare... read spring manufacturing article

Automated Spring Coiler for Wire Diameters up to .625"

Newcomb Spring recently purchased an automated spring coiler capable of manufacturing compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs using wire up to .625-in (15.875mm) in diameter... read more on our spring coiler

NESMA Recognizes Newcomb as a Charter Member of the Association

Newcomb Spring is proud to announce it has received an award of recognition for its position as an original charter member of the New England Spring and Metal Stamping Association (NESMA)... read full article

The Newcomb Spring Camera Gauge System

A New Dimensional Analysis Tool with Reportable Accuracy for Spring Manufacturing. Efficient and accurate operations are vital to the success of today's manufacturer... read about our spring camera gauge QC system

On-Site Spring Prototyping for Automotive Application

Working on-site with the customer at a Newcomb Spring facility, we provided fast turnaround and immediate prototype revisions for a major automobile company... read more on the project

Newcomb Spring Acquires Pelham Precision Spring

Newcomb has completed the purchase of Pelham Precision Spring Co., which was located in Greer, SC. Existing orders and customers will now be served by Newcomb Spring's North Carolina facility... read full article

Springs & Forms for the Phoenix Mars Lander

Quality complex parts and unmatched reliability are standard practice at Newcomb Spring, and we are proud to have manufactured many springs on the Phoenix Mars Lander... read Phoenix Mars Lander article

Constant Force Springs

As you walk into your office building on the way to work each day, or into your local bank, or any commercial facility, you probably pull open a heavy glass door... read full article

Newcomb Spring Announces Chairman of the Board Retirement After 53 Years of Service

Jacobson, Jr. began his 53-year career with Newcomb Spring in 1969, following in the footsteps of his both his father, G. Donald Jacobson, and grandfather, George L. C. Jacobson, who became the first President of Newcomb Spring in 1924... read full article

Newcomb Spring Celebrates Fifty Years with Ed Asklar

We are proud to celebrate alongside Ed Asklar for his fifty years of employment with our company. From the beginning of his journey with us in 1971... read full article