Precision Military Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

ITAR & MIL Compliant Military Spring and Metal Form Supplier Applications

We have a long-standing legacy of providing the highest quality custom springs, wire forms and stamped metal part manufacturing from our locations in the United States and Canada. Our expert staff provides design assistance and manufacturing excellence, producing parts for a variety of military, defense and governmental applications.

Each of our facilities operates with the highest quality standards. We hold certifications for a variety of quality systems required by military and defense customers, including ISO, ITAR, DDTC, SAM and MIL certifications. Our state-of-the-art production process allow us to utilize virtually any material, including standard, semi-precious and precious metals, with precision metal forming for even the most unique, mission critical applications.

Newcomb Spring's management and engineering staff often collaborates with large, multi-organization production teams that military and defense projects require, and we can tailor our processes to meet your exact needs.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Military and defense component manufacturing often requires highly precise and reportable processes. Our facilities are equipped with the latest quality control technology, including laser measurement and camera gauge systems. We also utilize Keyence Image Dimension Measuring Systems, which measure parts with extremely precise accuracy, helping us to produce springs and metal form parts that meet the strictest tolerance requirements, while providing repeatable analysis and consistent compliance.

The Newcomb Spring staff is one of the most experienced in the industry, with the skills and know-how to work with a combination of military and defense contractors, project managers and engineers. Our precision and accuracy is recognized throughout the spring and metal form industry – we produce the parts that others simply cannot.

While our manufacturing quality is unrivaled, many military and defense customers appreciate the diversity of our production capabilities, including:

military applications
military applications
military applications

Critical Military Applications

Our state-of-the-art facilities employ some of the latest manufacturing technologies, producing military springs and parts that are reliable, long-lasting and meet even the strictest tolerance requirements. Some of our military and defense parts have been utilized in:

  • aircraft
  • aircraft carriers
  • communications
  • firearms
  • humvees
  • helicopters
  • military personnel equipment
  • missile systems
  • military vehicles
  • naval applications
  • tanks
  • security systems
  • satellites
  • submarines
  • winching & rescue devices