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Newcomb Spring Awarded CCAT Apprenticeship Grant

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The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology has recognized Newcomb’s commitment to raise the next generation, and has awarded our Connecticut facility its apprenticeship grant. The purpose of the Apprenticeship Funding Program (AFP) is to support manufacturers by providing a grant that encourages the training and filling of positions that are critical to our society.

Connecticut’s first CNC wire forming apprentice was Newcomb Spring of Connecticut’s present General Manager, Daniel Tetreault. After finishing his time in the Army and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Daniel completed the 8000 hour apprenticeship program and began to climb the Newcomb ladder with his newfound knowledge and experience. His support in the AFP has lived on through the years, and he currently oversees the growth of the two apprentices, Alex and Collin, pictured above. Our company acknowledges the significance of participating in this program and the substantial value it contributes to the industry and to Newcomb’s personal growth.

“Cut to the present group of apprentices under my wing at Newcomb, and I can’t stress enough my firm belief that our foundation at Newcomb and in this spring and stamping industry is firmly implanted in our ability to train the youth and team members of tomorrow.” - Daniel Tetreault

Newcomb Spring strives to be First in Forming, especially when forming the future generations that will one day carry on the legacy those present and before us have built. Our plants across the U.S. and into Canada pour an extensive amount of time and resources into training those who understand the importance of what our company contributes to the world we live in. Passing the torch of wisdom and knowledge into newer hands serves as a guide for the trajectory of the manufacturing business for generations to come if executed correctly. Thank you CCAT for acknowledging this truth, and for being a leader in facilitating this necessity to our industry.

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Newcomb Spring Corp. is a worldwide supplier of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, stampings, rings, hooks and battery contact springs. The company's products are utilized in a variety of industries, including aerospace, agricultural, automotive, computer, medical, military and telecommunications. Family-owned and operated, Newcomb Spring Corp. is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, and offers additional facilities in California, Connecticut, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Ontario, Canada. Newcomb Spring operates with ISO-9001-certified quality systems and delivers a wide range of material capabilities in the manufacture of metal components, specializing in reliability, rapid response times and stringent quality control.