Nested Compression Springs

Compression Spring Design Resources – Custom Nested Springs

Compression springs are often used in combination because of space limitations and resonance considerations. A nest of compression springs can store more energy but will have lower natural frequencies than a single equivalent spring. Nested springs are not recommended when the diametral space is so restricted that a single spring would have an index of five or less. The following design practices apply to nested springs:

  1. To prevent internesting, the springs should be wound alternately left and right-hand.
  2. Clearance between springs must be at least twice the diameter tolerance.
  3. The most efficient distribution of load between individual springs varies with their indexes and the clearances between them. For a first approximation in designing a nest with 2 springs, 1/3 of the load should be on the inner spring and 2/3 on the outer spring.
  4. Solid heights and free heights should be about the same for all springs.

These practices result in springs with approximately the same index.

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