Firearm Spring Metal Form Manufacturing

North America's Leading Firearm Spring & Metal Form Supplier

Newcomb Spring manufactures the highest quality firearm springs and metal form parts. We produce custom manufactured replacement parts as well components for a variety of new firearm makes and models for companies around the world. Our state-of-the-art production processes allow us to utilize virtually any material – including standard, semi-precious and precious metals.

With modern machinery and an expert staff, we are able to consistently manufacture parts quickly, with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, while offering low prices. We are also compliant with a variety of quality systems used by the firearms industry, and maintain ISO, ITAR, DDTC, SAM and a variety of MIL certifications.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

From laser gauges to camera controls, our facilities are equipped with the latest quality control technology to produce gun and firearm springs and parts that meet the strictest tolerance requirements. Our precision and accuracy is recognized throughout the spring and metal form industry – we produce firearm parts that others simply cannot.

In addition to our design assistance, fast turnaround, secondary capabilities and finishing operations, we also offer an extensive variety of packaging options. All Newcomb Spring parts can be shipped to suit your needs – with special packaging options that can prevent corrosion, prevent damage and make our parts easy to put into your products. While we are happy to customize our operations to meet your needs, many firearm customers request:

  • plastic/injected-molded trays
  • tacky board
  • packed in layers
  • individually bagged
  • packed to prevent corrosion
  • reinforced packaging for increased part protection
  • labeled with information helpful for shipping and receiving departments
  • other custom packages
firearm springs
firearm springs
firearm springs

Critical Firearm Applications

Our state-of-the-art facilities employ some of the latest manufacturing technologies, producing firearm springs and parts that are reliable, long-lasting and meet even the strictest tolerance requirements. While we can manufacture virtually any custom spring and metal form you require, we have produced an extensive variety of firearms components including:

  • magazine springs & magazine catch springs
  • recoil springs
  • trigger springs
  • hammer springs (mainsprings)
  • action returns
  • anti rattle springs
  • bolt springs
  • detent springs
  • ejector springs
  • extractor springs
  • firing pins
  • hammer pins
  • lock pins
  • plunger springs
  • reloader springs
  • safety pins
  • sear springs
  • selector springs
  • sight springs
  • slide springs
  • takedown springs