Electrical and Battery Spring & Metal Form Manufacturing

Custom Electrical and Battery Spring & Metal Form Supplier Applications

Newcomb Spring provides precision manufacturing of springs, wire forms and metal stampings for many electrical industry applications supplying springs and parts for assemblies, fixtures, powering and battery contacts. Our components are custom manufactured to meet each customer's needs and requirements. We supply many electrical product manufacturers with components that help to provide power and function in even the most precise applications. As with all products related to electrical applications and electricity, we understand the critical performance of every Newcomb Spring part, and our components have proven reliable and dependable in many unique applications.

Electrical Component Supplier Materials

As one of North America's leading manufacturers, we can efficiently produce parts using virtually any material, including standard, semi-precious and precious metals. Our advanced manufacturing equipment and advanced quality processes produce parts with maximum compliance to specifications and minimal waste, so our customers receive the highest quality parts at the best prices possible.

Many electrical spring, wire form and stamped metal parts require unique materials that help to prevent corrosion, withstand harsh environments and provide proper electrical conductivity. We have produced millions of electrical components, including battery springs and battery contact springs, and our team has the expertise and experience to assist you with your electrical part order. We are able to utilize virtually any material in the production of parts for electrical applications, including:

  • stainless steel
  • carbon steels
  • music wire
  • silver
  • nickel-coated wire
  • beryllium copper
  • phosphor bronze
  • spring brass
  • gold
  • and more
electrical spring applications
electrical spring applications
electrical spring applications

Proven Performance

Backed by a long-legacy of proven experience, Newcomb Spring parts have proven reliable and dependable. We maintain a number of quality certifications and can comply with many electrical requirements and standards. As a custom electrical spring, battery spring, and metal form manufacturer, our parts are produced to meet specific customer requirements, so please contact us for more information and design assistance. Some of our electrical components are utilized in:

  • electrical testing equipment
  • lighting fixtures
  • terminals
  • wiring products