Custom Wire Bending

  • A New Level of Precision and Quality Control In Wire Bending Manufacturing.

Newcomb Spring brings the same CNC technology, manufacturing expertise, and quality control offered in our custom spring and metal forming operations to custom wire bending. Whether you require long production runs, or short, Newcomb Spring is ready to meet your needs with wire bending services that support the quality and performance that exceed your expectations for excellence.

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CNC Wire Bending Improves Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality

Our state-of-the-art CNC wire bending machinery delivers precise metal bending without deflection or sagging, with repeatable geometries that match your specifications. Plus, our advanced measurement and proven quality assurance systems are available to keep production runs accurate from start to finish.

Shapes, Sizes and Materials

Newcomb Spring provides complete customization on all wire bending production. We can produce parts to meet virtually any specifications. Some of the most common shapes, sizes and materials we work with are:

Shapes: Round, Rectangle, Square, Special-section


  • Spring Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Alloys
  • Hastelloy®
  • Inconel®
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Elgiloy®
  • Monel®
  • Titanium, and more...

Don’t see what you need? No problem. Just contact us. All of our services are completely customized. We have the manufacturing expertise and capabilities to produce the custom parts your application requires.

Prototyping and Pre-Production Services

Maintaining quality, controlling production costs, and being sure the parts we manufacture are optimally suited to your application is what drives us. Our engineering and production teams are ready to assist in the manufacturing of prototypes to produce parts that best fit the form and function of your application. With CNC technology, prototypes often can be changed and reproduced in minutes. Prototyping and careful pre-production evaluation saves time, minimizes waste, lowers costs, and helps avoid design errors.

Custom Wire Bending for A Wide Range of Markets and Products

Newcomb Spring’s wire bending services are ready to address your needs in markets such as:

  • Transportation — Automotive seat structures, wire frames for sun shields and headrests, hood (bonnet) stays, custom brackets, headliner supports, and more
  • Kitchen and Bath — Custom wire frames for shower caddies, storage solutions, roll holders, and wire baskets
  • Rack Mounting — Frames, hooks and brackets
  • Furniture — Custom wire frames for chairs, storage units, handles, and hanging systems
  • Retail Shop Fittings and Merchandise Displays — Wire frames for shopping carts, frames and handles for wire baskets, literature and card racks, blister hooks, and more
  • Appliances and Housewares — Oven and dishwasher racks, refrigerator shelving, hooks, racks, wireframe shelves and home storage solutions
  • Medical and Veterinary — Wire tray and wire instrument basket frames, infusion hooks, handles, brackets, wire frames for animal cages, and more

Finishing Services

Delivering parts that fit seamlessly into your products and assemblies is critical. Newcomb Spring offers a wide range of finishing and secondary production services, so you receive components that are ready to move to the next step in your production plan.

Your Designs, Our Manufacturing; Collaboration Yields the Best Results

As a custom manufacturer, we believe in forming relationships before we start forming materials. Our knowledgeable engineering team is ready to support your requirements and applications for custom wire bending production. Our experts are prepared to assist you today. Contact us to get started.

Our spring calculator can assist you with design, spring calculations and stress checks.

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