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Procurement Considerations When Choosing a Spring & Metal Form Supplier

Inventory management of springs, wire forms and stamped metal parts is incredibly tough in today’s volatile marketplace – where regulations, tariffs and consumer cycles can change rapidly. Ensuring that proper inventory is available – or can be fulfilled at a rapid pace – can be all the difference in success.

We’ve compiled eight tips and insights that can help your procurement specialists select the right manufacturers for your supply chain. As one of North America’s largest custom metal form and spring producers, we develop prototypes, small runs and large volume orders with an unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

8 Top Procurement Tips When Choosing A Spring & Metal Form Manufacturer

1. Production Flexibility & Repeatability

More than just a Plan B, supply chains need a Plan C, D and E. From weather events to high-demand market conditions, suppliers with multiple manufacturing locations are better able to optimize production schedules and fulfill orders quickly. At Newcomb Spring, we’ve built a network of facilities across the United States and Canada – each connected with real-time information sharing and state-of the art technologies. This network allows us to maximize production flexibility and reduce turnaround times, while often lowering shipping costs.

Ensuring your manufacturer has enough production bandwidth, and manufacturing repeatability, to handle your metal form order in any market condition can be key to success.

2. Material Stock & Metal Supply Procurement

Look for a manufacturer who can stock the materials you need, and who can get materials when they aren’t in stock. At Newcomb Spring, to help decrease turnaround times, we stock a variety of commonly-requested metal materials. From high-tensile spring wire to 17-7 stainless for magazine springs and nickel-plated carbon steel wire for battery contacts, we can often reduce production times by eliminating the time to procure stock. We also stock specific materials based on customer needs.

As one of North America’s largest metal form manufacturers – and therefore largest metal purchasers – we can also leverage our relationships and buying power to acquire metal stock in virtually any marketplace condition.

Beyond the ability to form a component, being sure that your metal form manufacturer has the material needed to make those parts is an obviously critical requirement, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Designed for Fast Prototyping

Creating a new design or modifying an existing one requires the development of new prototypes. Streamlining this process with the right supplier can remove weeks – even months – from your development cycle.

Each Newcomb Spring plant houses a Kando Tech Center – a space specifically designed to help customers quickly develop prototypes – with dedicated equipment, staff, and space. Selecting a metal form manufacturer with in-place prototyping processes and expert support can help you be ready for full-scale production faster.

4. Advanced Technology to Minimize Waste & Increase Efficiency

Producing metal components accurately and efficiently is key in modern manufacturing. With high-speed equipment, unchecked errors can quickly lead to excessive cost, in both wasted time and materials. Newcomb Spring has built our entire operation for compliance, quality and repeatability. Whether you have a highly-complex part or a large volume run, our state-of-the-art technologies and compliance are unmatched.

As a standard, procurement specialists should look for capabilities that include real-time production monitoring software, in-line dimensional analysis tools, and automated machinery. This equipment allows manufacturers to produce parts quickly and accurately, reducing waste, errors and run times. While these features are not necessary on every order, having a supplier that is able to provide them, sets you up for long-term success.

5. More Capabilities, Less Risk

Every time a metal component is handled, and especially if that includes sending a part to an outside finishing service, there is a risk for problems. Newcomb Spring has built our facilities to house a wide variety of secondary operations and finishing processes. From assembly to stress relieving, our processes are designed for compliance and efficiency. Our manufacturing is also highly-automated to minimize part handling.

Ensuring that your manufacturer has robust in-house capabilities, with less reliance on third parties, will help you be confident that compliances and timelines will be met.

6. In-Place Quality Systems & Processes

Quality is at the core of what we do – customers know that every order from Newcomb Spring meets the strictest requirements. But in addition to the parts themselves, procurement specialists must ensure that their suppliers comply with quality processes and systems. Suppliers must be able to properly handle information and control standards, especially in highly-regulated markets.

At Newcomb Spring, we comply with a wide variety of quality system certifications and manufacturing standards, so all the paperwork is readily available when a new customer request is received. We offer:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ITAR Certified
  • MIL AS13572 Grade B
  • MIL-STD-29A
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
  • SAM - System for Award Management
    - CCR - Central Contractor Registration
    - FedReg - Federal Agency Registration
    - ORCA - Online Representations and
       Certifications Application
    - EPLS - Excluded Parties List System
  • US/Canada Joint Certification - Form DD2345

Be sure your suppliers have the in-place certifications you need, ideally more than you need. This will allow your procurement team to be able to quickly fulfill orders, source multiple parts from the same supplier network and also be ready for new requirements as conditions change.

7. Flexible Packaging

Beyond the manufacture of a part, procurement specialists need to know that components will easily fit into their existing production lines. At Newcomb Spring, we offer a wide variety of packaging options so our parts easily fit into processes. We also create custom solutions, as well as options to address customer requests, including corrosion prevention, part protection, labelling, bar coding and more.

OEMs should look for a metal form supplier that can adapt to existing processes and make it easy to use supplier parts in their existing operations.

8. Expertise & Service

When time is critical, you need a resource you can trust. While our manufacturing facilities use some of the most advanced technologies available, it’s our people that make Newcomb Spring the go-to-supplier for many. From in-house design assistance, to our Springulator® Spring Calculator app to customer-focused service – our entire operation is focused on exceeding customer expectations and making order procurement easy.

A part supplier needs to have experience, expertise and a 24/7 focus on service, so when production requirements are tough, your supply network is ready to go.

Improve Your Spring & Metal Form Supply Chain

Looking to increase reliability and response time in your spring and metal form procurement? Contact the Newcomb Spring facility closest to you and we can discuss the ways we can help. We produce a wide variety of springs, wire forms and metal stampings for customers around the world, and are ready to help you.

At Newcomb Spring we are always working to be First in Forming® – ensuring our customers are ready for success.

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